Saturday, August 16, 2008

It WAS a Fabulous Friday!

Hunter's New Clothes
His New BIG Shoes
Hannah's New Pretty Outfits
And a new sweater.
We got this dress for Hannah months ago at the Disney store, well before she was born. Everything was on clearance and this dress was, literally, only a couple dollars. We actually got two sizes and whichever one doesn't fit, we plan to sell on EBay. But it's sleeveless and we needed a sweater to go with it. We're going to Disney World in December and both the kids have almost all Disney themed clothes to wear. (found mostly on clearance the season before) We can't wait!
We had a FABULOUS Friday and got everything done that we had on our list. Grandma (my mom) went with us and it was a nice time. We started out with Hunter's appointment at the PEEPS Center, where they evaluated his Speech for the new school year. He's doing much better but still needs Speech Therapy. That's OK with us and him. He doesn't mind, he learns alot and we are thankful for the progress he has made.
After the meeting was over, we headed for Williamsburg. We ate lunch at Chick Fil A so we wouldn't have to stop to eat later. It was yummy, as usual.
We went to the Stride Right Outlet and had him measured for new shoes. OH MY GOSH! We found him a nice pair of shoes that are SIZE TWO! He didn't need the Wide Width this time but their shoes are wider anyway. They're really cute but no more kid stuff. No more Fire Engines, Super Heroes and Police Cars. My baby is growing up. He's in Big Boy shoes now.
Next door is the Carter's Outlet and I'm hooked. They have the cutest clothes! We picked up two sleepers for Hunter but they're for Christmas. One his cute Dinosaurs, because that's the mascot for his new school. The one one is cute little animals. They'll be nice for camping and skiing trips. He really had alot of good clothes in his closet that still fit him so we picked up a nice pair of sweat pants and several shirts.
Hannah got two beautiful sleepers she can wear this Winter. Lovely lavender and sweet lambs. Everything was on sale and I even had a coupon. Unfortunately, the coupon was on my dresser. SO, now I have a good excuse to come back.
Hannah had her 4:15 appointment so that was our last stop before heading home to finish packing the last few things in the camper. She now weighs twelve pounds and ten ounces and is twenty four inches long. I think she's going to be tall. She is SUCH a Chunky Monkey!
Our Doctor said she can get her ears pierced at six months old so that's something to look forward to. (you can do it earlier but he doesn't suggest it and I wouldn't want to) She got her four shots and one oral medicine fast but she still screamed like I had NEVER heard her before. She was very upset and I nearly cried, just watching her. She cried most of the trip home and then slept for a while. She woke up happy but still not quite herself. It really bled a good amount when she got them and I know it hurt. I'll post the band aid pictures later. My Poor Baby!
We just woke up in Virginia Beach and it's a beautiful day! We're getting ready to eat breakfast then, hoping to head to the beach and the pool. A YUMMY Seafood Dinner tonite and lots of fun all day long. The sun is shining in the camper, as Hunter finishes another Mickey Mouse puzzle. He loves puzzles and does really well. This puzzle says it's for ages five and up. The people we talked to yesterday said that academically, he was VERY advanced, above agerage on almost everything. He knew ALOT of information for his age. We've never been more proud of him. Not because he's above average but because he is so eager to learn. He's a sweet boy who loves everyone he meets and is so considerate of others. We are so proud so sorry if I brag for a moment!
Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!!


Monica M said...

Good for you, getting your school shopping finished. Take advantage of any speech help your ds can get - both my sons have had a lot of help from speech therapists, and it's been such a blessing!

Lorie said...

Cute stuff! I think we got the same dress at the Disney store!

Lily said...

Love the pictures. I always mean to do that before Iput them away but never get around to it