Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Times

Just wanted to share a picture of our friend, Jim, who we met up with at the Gretchen Wilson concert last Friday. It was alot of fun. I can hardly WAIT until Sara Evans next Friday. She is awesome! He was able to get us VIP tickets before. I could only wish he could do it again!

Today is my last day for the week. Tomorrow, I have my two appointments and going school shopping with Hunter. I can't wait to spend the day with them! Then, headed to the beach, camping for the weekend.

Tonight, I'll be packing up our camper. Hunter LOVES to go out there with us. He's a big helper and it's SO cute to see him get so excited. I really can hardly wait to spend the weekend away with my family!

I was able to clean out his closet last night and bag up all the stuff he can't wear anymore. He's getting so big. It's strange to see all these clothes we bought LAST year that he could wear. Now, I'm ready to get some new stuff for him. He'll be in the First Step Program this year, like Pre Kindergarten and then he'll go to the Before and After School Program too. I think he's going to love it. We talk about school alot. We've been practicing lots of learning things here at home and he gets really excited about it. He can count to thirty now and he's progressing alot on his writing. My little boy is growing up....sigh... But it's OK. He's STILL my Love Bug =)

I should have more pictures to post tomorrow! Sorry if this is a little boring today!

Well, Have a great Thursday!!


Linda said...

Camping at the beach sounds like fun, enjoy your weekend!

Charleen said...

Gretchen Wilson...what fun!