Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Silly Kids

Don't you just LOVE Hannah's socks? I picked these up from Target a while ago and thought they were cute. Well, I think they are SO much cuter on her. I laughed at her every time I saw them! This girl is getting so chunky....I just LOVE those fat rolls!

And this was Hunter and Dad at the pool on Float Night. He had a Spiderman ring and a big green alligator that he had fun with. I think he liked jumping to Dad the most. I didn't get in because I still have the Sinus Infection and cough I'm fighting off. It was entertaining to watch them though. They had a blast!
Tonite, I'm cleaning out the closets in both of the kid's rooms. I need to find out what clothes Hunter needs for school and box up some of Hannah's that don't fit anymore. I'll be getting our clothes together to go in the camper for camping this weekend too. Hunter can hardly wait to get to the beach! Have a Happy Hump Day!!


Jen said...

I love those socks, and her chunky thighs, I could eat em up. :)

Have fun camping! (yeah, I should be sorting through closets and clothes too. Ugh.)

denine zielinski said...

Love those socks and those chunky little legs! Closet cleaning, ugh! I have to do that, too!

sally said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh those socks are sooooooooooo cute!!!!

Charleen said...

Yes, love the socks! :) I love socks in general.

Lily said...

ooo, i love baby rolls. I'll never forget the day I realized my kids didn't have them anymore. So sad. I love the pick of your son mid air. Very cool