Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hunter's First Dental Exam

Well, Hunter and his Dad each went to the Dentist on Wednesday morning. They took Hunter in his own room and he got a COMPLETE Dental Exam. He did everything he said and they were so proud of him for eating good. He doesn't get too many treats. His idea of a snack is, ALWAYS a cup of milk, and some carrots or a Goo Gurt. (that yogurt in a tube) It's very rare that he gets sweets.

I'm really proud of him. He knows to brush his teeth every morning, after going potty, washing his hands, combing his hair and getting dressed. He's really growing up. I love him more every day.

Hannah is smiling more all the time. She's over twelve pounds now and has ROLLS of fat all over her. They are SO cute!

I'm feeling tired right now and getting ready for bed. I went to the Patient First and I DO have a Sinus Infection. I got some Antibiotics as well as some more cough medicine. I hope it works. All my coughing has really made me exhausted. And I'm not feeling wonderful.

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend!! We're headed to Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base Friday night for a free Gretchen Wilson concert. A friend of ours got us VIP tickets and we can't wait until the concert!!

Take care and God Bless!!


Krissynae said...

What a brave little man. I have always been teriffied of the dentist. He did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Hunter gets nice treats at Sunday School. No wonder he is so excited when Mrs. Alice brings out cookies instead of goldfish. Well once a week will not hurt him. Hope you feel better.

Becky S