Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween Fun

We had fun today:) At work, we dressed up and brought in festive food. (food that looked Halloweenish:) Don't you love the kitty litter? It was -DELICIOUS- but it took me a long time to eat it. I think everyone had a hard time since Kylene did SUCH a good job on it. It looked very realistic. Jeff offered to let us borrow his kitty, Grafton's Litter pan. Thanks anyway, Jeff..ha ha It was neat. I was Mickey Mouse, of course. I couldn't think of anything else and really didn't have the money to buy something else. I was going to be a 70's hippie but it didn't fit me anymore. Lynn wore it to work though and she looked very cool. (I told her she should have worn the tie in her hair but she had to be presentable you know..ha ha) Amanda made her costume, the Roman Goddess and it was adorable..very original. We also had 2 princesses, a vampire, a baby, and a 50's girl. It's just fun being someone else for the day. I don't know any of the "Halloween" stories of why alot of people don't celebrate. I just enjoy using our creativity I guess. Anyway, we went to the church that we've been to the last 2 years with Hunter. A friend of mine I went to high school with is always there with her family and we look forward to hanging out with them. They had the big slides, lots of food and decorated cars for "Trunk or Treat". Needless to say, he has more candy than he needs for a while. We usually limit it and have it for months. Hunter seemed to be feeling better until we left. He had spiked a fever pretty quick so we went by the Patient First Clinic and let him be seen. They're ausome..very thorough and same copay as our family practice. They do blood and urine tests, have X-Ray capabilites and a full pharmacy. Hunter had a virus and a cold and couph that caused a vacume like ear infection. It's a little different but we caught it early before it gave him too much grief. The office got us back there really quick, even though they were scanning candy for the kids. He seems to be feeling better. It's that time with the temp changes. Anyway, hope all is well with the weather and health. Wrap up...this weekend is going to be a cold one.

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