Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Can I Just Scream?

Well, I was GOING to post pictures of my new Scrap Area in my den that Mike and I worked on last weekend. (the weekend of New Year's) But it seems that my card reader isn't working...and I can't find the proper size USB cord to hook my camera up. Can I please scream? It's bad enough I'm still waiting for the cord to come in for my laptop and I'm using our Desktop, which is pretty much, Mike's computer. His space...his domain. I also made several cards and played around with my new Cricut, which I love. But I guess, I'll have to post later when Mike can help me find my cord...UGH!

Don't you get tired of things NOT going your way? My Durango had to go to the shop for a Four Wheel Drive Alignment this past weekend. Well, it was pretty bad when it went in but they spend several hours on it. They said that they got it almost where it needed to be but if I brought it back the next day, they'd get it perfect. (There was a long line of people waiting so we were fine with that) SO, we take it the next day and when we pick it up, it's WORSE that it was when we took it in originally. It's back in the shop today and they're having the big boss look at it. Hopefully, it will be right now. I'm just DIEING to go camping when it gets warm but want to make sure my SUV is running smoothly before pulling the trailer behind.

I was supposed to go to a crop at my Church this past Saturday but woke up around 3 A.M. with a NASTY Sinus Headache. I went to my local Patient First as soon as I got up and he said it was a really bad Sinus Infection. (my first since my surgery almost 3 years ago) He gave me an antibiotic and a Nasal Spray and I was on my way. I'm feeling better but I think I hit rock bottom before the recovery started. I just wanted to scrap SO bad. Mike worked on all the cars, giving them a new oil change and washing them. Hunter was great but had no intentions of taking a nap. I broke down in tears, just of sleep deprivation but went to my parent's house a little later and got some GOOD sleep. Poor Hunter....I hated to cry in front of him but was in so much pain. He said he'd make me ALL better and brought me his boo boo frog from the freezer for my face and head. What a sweetie. Then I cried for feeling bad for crying in front of him...LOL!

I think I'm OK now. My house is fairly clean. I need to do the last bit of laundry tonite but so excited to be HOME tonite. Last night, we dropped the Durango off for the last time, hopefully. I'm better now that I have VENTED. I'm waiting for my Cricut goodies to come in the mail any day this week so I have something to look forward to over the weekend. I'm reclaiming my Saturday to do what I wanted to do last week...SCRAP, WATCH MOVIES, STAY HOME:)

I hope everyone has a great day. I'm off to get my little Man ready for school. Take care and enjoy the day. It's going to be in the 80's today!! At this rate, I'll NEVER get snow:(

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