Sunday, January 13, 2008

Too Tired To Blog...

I had a full weekend but for the most part, it was WONDERFUL..
Friday started off a little rocky but we made it through some tears and then some smiles...
Saturday, Mike went to DC with his best friend for a Motorcycle Show; and YES, he does want one now, LOL, just kidding! He actually got some pictures of two bikes he really likes but knows that now is not the time for one. But someday...He's talked about it for years:)

Hunter Man and I went to Hot Dog King with my best friend and brother, Jeff. He got some Spiderman candy and a tattoo....he thought he was something else. Then, we visited Nanny and Pop and went to the park for some play time before his nap. I just love seeing him run and play. He giggled profusely!!

I was going to run in Michael's to get a Cricut cartridge and he was asleep by the time I got there. I, carefully, carried him in on my shoulder and was out within 5 minutes; Hunter STILL asleep. I was impressed!

My dad stopped by the house a little later while he was asleep so I could run to the store. I got enough groceries for healthy snacks, drinks, a large pot of Chili and Salad fixings. We LOVE salads! It was nice having dinner ready for Mike when he got home.

Sunday, we went to Church, came home for a short nap, visited our Granny and Paw Paw, Maw Maw and Paw Paw, played at the park for a while and home again. Before Hunter went to bed, we made a cake with him since he was TERRIFIC most of the weekend. We really had some great time together! I'll post some pictures Monday night of him at the park.

My house is ALMOST completely clean. I just have to run a vacume over it Monday night, dust and work on Hunter's room this week. (his summer clothes and ones that don't fit anymore have to go in the attic, as well as some older toys and then picking up a little) I've got a couple boxes to go to the Thrift store and some paperwork that needs to be shredded. In the next couple weeks, (when we find out the sex of our baby) we're moving Hunter's room into the other bedroom, currently our office and starting our baby nursery in his old room. We're also getting ready to finish our bathroom remodel...YA! I love the New Year, new beginnings, new changes.

Looking forward to my week. Monday morning, going first thing to my ENT Doctor for a yearly checkup on my nose. (I have a hole in my Septum caused by Nasal Sprays that has to be checked once a year) Tuesday, I have an eye appointment after work to get a checkup and new glasses and Wednesday, is my baby appointment. I get to schedule my 20 week Ultrasound for the end of the month...YAHOO! I'll be 20 weeks January 28Th but I may have to reschedule because of a conflict at work. (I hope not)

Next Monday, we're off for the Martin Luther King Holiday and I'm NOT Cleaning. I want to have everything done and work on my scrapbooks. We were talking about going away together somewhere but I think we're going to do some things around here. If it's nice, we're planning to go to the Zoo one day. Mike is off next Thursday and I'm off next Friday since our Daycare is closed. That should be fun!!

Please keep my grandmother in your prayers still. She has Pneumonia and they haven't been able to release her because she has kept her fever up. Hopefully, she will be able to go back to the Nursing home soon. She's in her 90's but you'd never know it. She also has Alzheimer's but is so Optimistic. She just laughs when she can't remember some things. Thanks for the prayers!

I hope you all have a great week! I'm off to bed now:)

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