Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Thank God Tomorrow's Thursday...

WOWSERS, this week is flying by. And Thank Goodness, because I'm looking forward to the weekend. Lunch with a friend Saturday and dropping some boxes off at the Thrift Store. Making a large pot of Chili and staying home to crop. That's about it. I may need to stop by the hospital and see my grandmother. She's in a Nursing Home and fell last night out of bed. Her eyes were dilated when they woke her this morning and she was unresponsive, as well as some chest pains. They sent her to the ER, where she's been ever since and decided to keep her, at least one night. She has some heavy, labored breathing and Pneumonia. She was happy to see me, which is a great sign since she suffers from Alzheimer's. She usually recognizes me right away but sometimes at night, is not as sharp as early in the morning. We've always been very close so I was anxious to see her. She's always so optimistic. I LOVE that about her. If you don't mind, please keep her in your prayers. She's 90 and very sick. Thanks so much! Hope everyone has a great Thursday. I'm off to bed. Good Night!!

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