Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Does This Mean I'm a Biker's Wife???

Yep, my husband signed up for the Motorcycle class today. Hopefully, early March he'll have his Motorcycle license. Do I think he's crazy? Nope, I mean aren't we ALL sometimes?? I'm actually happy for him. He's worked so hard at everything in his life and is very successful as a Civil Engineer, Husband and Father. Plus, he got a nice on the spot award at work so he has a little extra cash to put towards the class. I'm just hoping that he'll give me a ride in a couple years when he gets his bike:) I've only been on a motorcycle once, when my husband's best friend gave me a ride on his Crotch Rocket. It was awesome...and I loved it!

Thursday is my LAST day of the week to work! I'm off on Friday and I'm spending some quality time with my little boy. I cant wait; not even sure what we'll do but maybe checking out the new Veggie Tales Movie...We'll see.
It's amazing what a joy that little boy is. He can really test our buttons some days but what toddler can't, right? I've learned to really CHILL OUT over the last couple weeks and find that he stays calm, just like me. He's such a sweetie. I love to watch him in his cute little Diego pj's after a bath, flashing those baby blues. (and aaahhh, the fresh scent of baby lotion and baby powder!!) What a precious gift from God! There's nothing like opening my front door after work and he running towards me, screaming hello to Mommy with a welcoming hug and kiss. Life gets so busy. It's nice to notice those special moments, KWIM? ( I getting sappy tonite or what? Can you tell the pregnancy hormones are raging....LOL!)

Mike is off with Hunter on Thursday (our Daycare Provider is off Thursday and Friday) so hopefully, he'll be excited to see Mom and Dad a little more this week:) Hunter said he can't wait to have breakfast with Mommy AND Daddy..awww!

Hoping to go to the Children's Museum on Saturday with some family and enjoying my Sunday, after visiting our grandparents. We finished our weekly cleaning tonite and we're going to another Parenting class tomorrow night. (as long as the weather is OK. Sounds like we may get some rain/snow mix in the afternoon) Hope everyone has a great Thursday and SO glad to be "over the hump" of the week:)

Good Nite!!

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