Sunday, January 20, 2008

A VERY Productive Weekend...

WOW...Did I get a lot done this weekend. I'm impressed! I had an awesome photo shoot for a friend, had a "Snow Party" with my little family Saturday, got four pages in my Disney album completed, made six cards and enjoyed some great family time. I'll post the pictures later this week. (that ALONE is it's own blog post) I was SO excited about how they turned out. I owe my husband a BIG thank you for editing them for me. I went downstairs to make some yummy snacks for our "Snow Day Party" (plus dinner) and when I came back, he was almost done playing around with them. I LOVE them! Here's some of the cards I made. (One, I can't post because it's for someone who reads my blog regularly) I'll post later though!

I made three of this card for some of the girls that I work with, who just got promotions.
This one is for my Manager at work, who just got promoted from Assistant Manager.This one is for my Granny, who celebrated her birthday this past week.
My wonderful husband got me these flowers today. Sunflowers are one of my FAVES. He picked some other flowers up for our Granny for her birthday. She loves fresh flowers and so do I!
I didn't leave the house all day Saturday. After my photo shoot, we snacked on some yummy veggies and dip until our dinner was ready. I made a lasagna for dinner with bread and Angel Food Cake for dessert, with strawberries and whipped topping. MMMMmmmmm..

We ACTUALLY got some snow this weekend. Saturday, it started out as rain and then slowly, turned to snow. I was THRILLED when I saw it sticking. Hunter and I sat on the couch, watching it from the window for a while. It was beautiful falling!

We didn't play outside until Sunday because it was still snowing well after we went to bed Saturday night. We all wrapped up in our snow bibs, gloves and hats before going in the back yard. We managed to make a small snowman that we thought turned out cute. He looks kinda like a puppy in the face:) Bailey had fun playing in the snow too.

Hunter got a good laugh at his "hat hair" after taking his hat off. WOW...does he look like his cousin Caleb here or what! After Hunter took a nap, we went by and saw our Granny and Pa Pa. We took them a pot roast with potatoes and carrots that they're going to have for lunch on Monday. We're all off for the Martin Luther King Holiday and are looking forward to relaxing and having some fun with Hunter. (not sure what yet) It's supposed to be BITTER cold! I DO need to go by and see my Nanny Puckette again. She's in her 90's and recovering from Pneumonia. She's back at the Nursing Home but still has tubes in her nose for Oxygen. Please continue to remember her in your prayers. I think she could really use them. Thanks and Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I'm headed to bed!


:: gingerkitty :: said...

LOve love love the snowman!

Linda said...

Looks like a fun snow day. Glad you got enought to make a snowman

Teresa Loop said...

You gotta love a productive weekend! Those are rare around my house, it seems....

So cool your sweetie finally got to play in the snow. Love the picture of the dog too!!

Jules said...

Great job on the cards. That cake looks super yummy!

Nicole said...

Okay, that's a lot of photographs to comment on. Let's hope I remember them all :D

First, I absolutely loved the three cards. Those rocked. I loved the color combos. Next, congrats totally on the flowers - they are beautiful. Next were pics of food and I remember thinking...yummmy I want some.

Last, but by no means least, I loved all those snow pics and of the kids playing!! So awesome.

Valerie said...

The snow was so excellent! Love the snowman, and the hat hair as well!