Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Smile is a Beautiful Thing

That's what my son's smile does to me. It makes ME smile. It makes me happy, appreciative of how much I'm thankful for. Hunter was modeling his red, windburned cheeks and his "Bubba" teeth. He LOVES them and thinks it's the funniest thing to wear. We had a wonderful night together. It was our cleaning night so we ordered Pizza. We didn't have too much cleaning to do either since Mike had vacumed for me last night, the laundry is done and all we had to do was pick up a little. I just want to rest this weekend. The ONLY place I might go to is to the grocery store for a nice dinner to cook Saturday night. However, I may send Mike to the store for that. I want to rest. I want to sit at my scrapbook table and make a couple cards. I'd like to put the rest of my slab pack paper in my paper stand, according to color, holiday and pattern and then purge some of the stuff I don't use. I want to put some things on sale on Ebay and then, work on my Disney scrapbook a little. Life is good...

I have defentley not been myself this week. I haven't felt good and been so down about my Nanny. And tired from it being a little crazy around here.

-Monday, Mike had another Excema Episode. We've been trying to find out what has been causing these outbreaks and I think Mike finally got it. He had been putting Triple Antibiotic on Hunter's hands and face for the wind burn. Then, he put it on a couple sore spots he had. Within minutes, he was itching, red, blotchy, having trouble breathing and freaking out. He jumped in the shower before laying on our bed to rest, and just wait for everything to settle down. It seems that he might be allergic to the Triple Antibiotic, which he never has been before. I heard that, with age, anything can happen and you can be allergic to things you never were before. How strange!

-Tuesday, we went to Piccadilly for dinner. My cousin, Caleb is 18 years old. I still remember the day he was born. He's a great guy, has a girlfriend, and is now applying for College. We're so proud of him. He's also very sweet and caring. I just can't believe he's all grown up:(

-Wednesday, we ate Subway sandwiches and then went to my parent's house to book our Condos for our Disney World Vacation in December. We're so exited we can hardly wait!! We're going to Sea World this time. We went in 2006 and went to Universal Studios also. Very cool!

-Thursday/Tonite, we stayed home and played with Hunter. We read several books and enjoyed our evening. We worked on his Speech and he's doing so well. "Muffin" was a big word he couldn't say but after sounding it out, he says it beautifully! We're so proud of him and best of all, he's proud of himself. He's excited about all the new words he can say! Can't wait until the Weekend! We'll probably play Elephun and Whack the Mole with him, read some books and watch some new movies. I see a pajama party in our future...

My Grandmother is doing about the same. My dad went to see her tonite and said she was asleep but wanted to be awake when she saw him. They talked a little bit and he then let her rest. Evidentally, she is still getting over the Pneumonia and is suffering from Congenital Heart Failure. She's in her 90's. I'm just so thankful for my memories of her and that she is here with us now. I'm trying not to be selfish and mad that she got so sick so fast. It just doesn't seem fair. I love her SO much. I enjoy all my visits with her, especially since we really don't know what tomorrow holds for ANY of us. I found this picture I took of her last year and think how well she looks and how lovely she is. I will treasure this picture forever, I think.

Well, I'm going to go. I'm headed downstairs for a healthy snack; a glass of water and a Granny Smith Apple before going to bed. Hope you all have a great weekend..God Bless!


Heather said...

What a cutie pie! Those teeth are great! I think if I had a pair I'd think they were a riot too. Hope you are able to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Mollie said...

I love the bubba teeth!! Looks like some people I've seen that live in the city that I do... haha Hillbilly country, I swear haha

linnao said...

These teeth are hilarious! Very cute on his cute little face!
Enjoy your weekend!

scrapperjen said...

Cute smile pictures!
Thinking positive thoughts.

Benita said...

Those pictures are so cute! And your grandmother is beautiful....I will be keeping her in my prayers.

Enjoy your relaxing weekend :)