Friday, January 18, 2008

It's A Three Day Weekend!!

Thank God it's Friday! We have a long weekend since we're off on Monday for the Martin Luther King Holiday. (I have one NEXT weekend also as our Daycare is closed Thursday and Friday. Mike is off Thursday and I'm off Friday) We usually go skiing in Northern Virginia but this year, decided to take a break. Mike and my dad have sore backs and I'm pregnant and last year, it was in the 70's. I'll be ready to go back NEXT year and ski, though. Saturday, I'm taking some head shots of a friend, who would like to surprise her husband for Valentine's Day, which is also their first Wedding Anniversary. I'm a little nervous but I think it will be fun. She's just letting me practice and get some experience. Mike said he'd be glad to help me edit them, if need be and also, get all set up.

The Weather is calling for some snow falling tomorrow afternoon and a little accumulation...WOO HOO! I hate to get excited because it could always change but we'll see.

I ordered some new glasses last night and I can't WAIT until they come in. They're small oval frames that are burgundy. They're darker and very trendy. Mike had to get used to them but then, he liked them. I think he'd prefer me to get less noticeable, wire frames like we both have but they're growing on him. They have the Transitions, which we both love. I think it's going to give me a new, modern look. (if that doesn't sound bad saying so myself...LOL) I keep joking that I'm going to look at Lisa Loeb, the famous singer that basically, invented the dark frames trend. Here she is...

What's REALLY funny is mine are extremely similar to hers!! I can't Wait to get them. Mine were stretched out and a very thin frame. They cleaned them and got them back in shape. I think I'm going to keep them on my scrapbook table since the prescription is only about a quarter difference.

OH! I got my date changed for my Ultrasound and it's February 9Th. It's a SATURDAY, which is great! I'm SURE I'll be going shopping afterwards...LOL!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and be safe! I'm praying for snow again!! God Bless!

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