Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's a COLD Thursday!!

Hunter made this at home with Grandma Wednesday night while she was babysitting. His school has a large Art Folder that the kids get to take turns taking home. It has construction paper, scissors, glue, packing peanuts, tissue paper, doilies and stickers to make something. Then, you fill out an index card, explaining what you made and they display it in his class. He wanted to name his turtle Rudolph. Isn't he cute? I LOVE they do that. He was so proud of him!

This is Hunter, playing at the park Sunday. He had his warm, insulated suit that his Maw Maw and Paw Paw gave him for Christmas. It had rained and then, cleared up. SO, we wiped the play area off and let him run. He had a ball!! I LOVE to see that sweet little face with a warm hat on!
This has been a great week. I've had to run around a little more than I had wanted but I'm happy to say I have an appointment with my Mickey Mouse flannel pj's tonite. I'll glad to be home. I might work on my computer and check out some details for our Disney trip this December. We're hoping to reserve our condo in the next week or two. It's supposed to be BITTER cold here today and maybe a little snow this morning. I'm sure, nothing of it but I hope it's more than they expect! I'm getting off a little early this afternoon and getting an eye exam. I also get to pick out a new pair of glasses. I'm looking for something a little trendy this time. Mike and Hunter said they'd stop by to help me. Mike likes when I stop by to help him when he got his. I love that!
I had my OB appointment yesterday and scheduled my 20 week ultrasound. It's two weeks from yesterday but right in the morning. The technician only works Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings but I'm going to have to reschedule it I know. Mike and Hunter want to both be there and I don't want to go back to work. I KNOW I'll be so excited!! She found the heartbeat soon as she put her tool on my tummy. The baby has a nice strong heartbeat...and fast. Maybe like a little girls????
She said everything was great, except I still have a bladder infection but I'm still on a antibiotic that will help it. I've only gained THREE pounds! It's amazing because I DEFINITELY have a round tummy now!
We went to a class at the Oyster Point office of CHKD last night. It's called Positive Discipline and it was great. We've been trying to stay calm with Hunter lately and not fuss or raise our voice. We don't have to too much but I hate doing it at all. Since we've been staying calm, he has been too. No temper tantrums, no stress, no problems. It's WONDERFUL! We are really enjoying our time together. He's been on his best behavior too at school and daycare. Life is great!!
But I learned there's a lot of kids just like him. They're kids, toddlers and they're not always going to be great. That's OK. We'll take the good and the bad. I love him so much and I love learning new things. That's what life is all about. It's not about having a perfect child or perfect life and I don't think I'd want it that way if I had the choice.
Hope you all have a great Thursday! I'm off to get ready for work and PRAY FOR SNOW:)


Sarah C. said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! And perhaps a bit of snow. It's only rain here in NC. Enjoyed reading your blog! Stumbled over from 2ps. :)

Linda said...

That is a cute turtle! That is a great idea that his preschool does. I'm supposed to get 3-5 inches this afternoon but we shall see.