Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's a CLEAN Sweep...

OK, You KNOW you're old when you get excited about a new Vacuum!!

Ours finally got the best of us. It works, but it stinks. (LITERALLY!) When my grandmother moved out of her apartment and into the Nursing home, I took it over and used it. She used to be a smoker and NEVER opened the windows or doors. The stale cigarette smoke was overwhelming. I've let it sit outside, I've changed the bag, it never got better. Yesterday, I realized we got it almost nine years ago and I was getting a new one!! Ya! I love it!

These are my old shoes; they're called Cobby Cuddlers and I've had them forever. WELL, I wore them in the rain last week and they are now deformed. They're too tight and they don't fit right. I've been wearing my favorite sneakers lately but my feet get so sore. Another sign that getting old sucks...

SO, I bought second pair of Crocs. I bought a pair of Crocs this summer when I started having problems with my feet. When I saw these at Dick's Sporting Goods then, I figured these would be like bedroom slippers, and they DO feel like them. I'm so tempted to buy the pink pair with the while lining, just to wear around the house.

We're headed to the Childrens Museum today with the entire family. I know the kids are going to have a ball. It takes a couple hours to go through and the exhibits are awesome. We're stopping for lunch at an Italian restaurant we haven't been to for a while that's to die for. Nothing Fancy, a hole in the wall type place really but you get a ton of food, and a salad bar too. I saw online there's a local scrapbook store my hubby said we could stop at too..YA! I'm planning to get back in my pj's when I get home and scrap the night away, while hanging out with Mike and Hunter.

We went to Outback with friends last night and then to Target to buy our Vacuum. Hunter got some new Dr. Seuss books that were on sale...He's in Heaven:)

Well, gotta go. I've got to be at my SIL's by 10:30 and Mike said if I hurry, we could stop by for Starbucks. YUM! Have a great day!!


Gabrielle Beck said...

HAHA! I need a new vaccum SO bad! I would be pretty excited if I got one too!

My girls just got the same crocs, fur lined but in pale pink and baby blue. They are super cute and they say they are super comfy. :)

scrapperjen said...

I love getting new appliances. :)

Did you get your Starbucks?

Renee said...

The Crocs are too cute. I seriously need to look for some. My feet are always cold and that fur lining looks like it should be so warm.