Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Happy Hump Day!

YES! We're over the hump! I'm off this morning to my OB/GYN appointment for another baby checkup. I get to schedule my 20 week Ultrasound, which is 2 weeks from this past Monday...WOO HOO! Can't wait to find out what my little pumpkin is. All I know is she's growing like a weed. I think I got bigger overnight. I had to get some new pants last night and 2 tanks for underneath some tops. Is this looking like another humongous baby..LOL...Just kidding!

We were at the mall anyway last night so Mike could pick out some new glasses. His broke but weren't available anymore. He has a great warranty for them so he was able to pick out a new pair at no extra cost. Hunter has been SO good at school and daycare so we let him ride a couple times on the rides outside the shop. Of course, he loved the motorcycle the best, just like his dad.

Mike really wants a motorcycle in a couple years so he's started saving in another account . He's hoping to take the class next month and keep his license for a couple years before getting a bike, since it cuts down on Insurance Prices the longer you've had your license. Only if he lets me ride too!

We, also ate at the mall and stopped by for coffee with some friends afterwards. And they STILL had Pumpkin Spice so I was LOVING life:)

Tonite, we're going to a Parenting class at CHKD in Newport News. We have some friends who took a couple classes and thought they were great. This one is Positive Discipline from 7-8:30. Grandma and Grandad are coming over to keep Hunter so he can be in bed at his usual time. It's his turn to have the Art Notebook from school so they'll have something new to play with. He's all excited!!

We got SNOW FLURRIES yesterday!! We NEVER see snow here but it sure was pretty falling. Tonite, we may get a little more but no accumulation or anything to it. I just want ONE GOOD SNOW, but unfortunately, I live in the wrong area. Unless I move to the Mountains, which would be awesome, I guess I won't see any more. A girl can dream....

I'm getting ready to iron my clothes and vacuum the house before I get Hunter up and moving!! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!

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