Monday, February 04, 2008

Is Spring On It's Way?

Great temperatures here in Va. this weekend. We went to Church Sunday with light jackets and the sun was just shining! It was a great sermon from our pastor and I felt refreshed afterwards. On the way home, we stopped by Jason's Deli, where I had a delicous salad from their salad bar and a bowl of French Onion Soup. It's my usual, but it's SO yummy. I love salad bars! We went to see my grandmother in the Nursing home, who didn't look as good as last week and was asleep. Usually, we can rub her hand and wake her up but she was out cold and couldn't be waken. Hunter took it well and told her that he was sorry he missed her and loved her. (awww, I wanted to cry JUST at the sound of his sweet little voice) SO, we headed over to see our Granny and Papa before finally, heading home. They were in good spirits and glad to see the sun shining in. It was TRUELY a beautiful day. It was really Hunter's nap time but because it was later, we went home, changed clothes and headed for the Park. There was a lot of people there, playing and having a blast. We saw some of our friends from our church who had their grandson and nephew, Cameron. They play together at church in the Nursery and had an awesome time on the playground, and for a while too. When they left, we walked the track while Hunter got to ride his bike. We had our dog, Bailey with us so he could get some excercise. He seemed to have a great time too, to be outside and able to run around and smell EVERYTHING. (He's a beagle....'nuff said!) We had leftovers for dinner so we could enjoy Roast Beef, Carrots and Potatoes for dinner tonite and after Hunter's bath, he went to bed, with almost NO interruptions. I know he was exhausted, as well as Bailey. They were both quiet as a mouse. I barely hit the bed before I was out too. It was a long day but we truely, enjoyed the day to the fullest. Now, another week. It looks like warm temps again today and tomorrow so I think we're all going to be going for a walk tonite and tomorrow. (as long as there's no rain) Saturday is my Ultrasound and I can hardly wait. I'm nervous, but my biggest concern is to have a healthy baby. I know God is in control and that's enough for me. God bless and have a wonderful day!!

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