Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's A HAPPY Hump Day!!

Hunter got all dressed up Tuesday for his School pictures. I love his new outfit. He got to hold a real bunny, can't wait to see the pictures!!
I spent 2 hours in my attic last night, going through most of Hunter's clothes. I was looking for any bodysuits/onesies, sleepers and outfits that little Hannah can use. I found LOTS of good clothes. I organized them in Holiday order so I could see what we had before putting them in a huge box.
I have every piece of clothing that Hunter EVER wore in our attic. I HAVE to get rid of them. I could hardly move around up there! My SIL is coming over in a couple weeks to pick out what she wants (in case she has a boy next) and then the rest is going towards our garage sale this summer. We're outgrowing our house...FAST!
Mike is at his Motorcycle course all weekend so I think I'll wash all these clothes and some other clothes we got from other friends. My washing machine will be BUSY but it'll be great to get it all done. I might work on the extra rooms a bit, start moving some books downstairs and vacuuming the entire house. (while Hunter sleeps)
And I think I'll do some scrap booking and change my blog for the season. I can't BELIEVE it's almost March!!
TONITE is the CIRCUS! We can't wait. I've got all my batteries charging and I'm getting ready to download all my pictures from the memory card.
Hope everyone has a great day!!
God Bless!

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