Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another Terrific Tuesday..Here We GO!

Temps in the 70's today. It's REALLY hard for me to not plan a camping trip REAL soon but I know that these temps probably won't stay that long. If I'm not going to get ONE more snow then I'd LOVE for Spring to come early. Time is flying by and honestly, I need to slow the clock down a little. In just a couple months, our new baby will be here and we have lots to do. We're switching Hunter's room to our current office and making his room the nursery again. We're also having someone here soon to remodel our bathroom. It's been left quite a while and after that, we have other things to do to the house. We're having our hallway and kitchen floor replaced, our other bathroom painted and hopefully updated too and then, some work in our kitchen to get it remodeled. Eventually, we're going to be thinking about moving and those things have to be done. I'm excited, but nervous too at the thought of it all. Of course, I get excited about a new coat of paint, a new flag out for The Love Month, and just every day I have with my family. I guess, this weather just makes me want to open my windows, wash some curtains and change things around.LOL. I don't know where that leaves my scrapbooking addiction but it's nice to know I have a space to work when I only have a little time, here and there...

And no pictures today on my blog again! I better get busy tonite. We've been busy this week. Hunter got to watch Dumbo before going to bed since he was such a good boy yesterday. I've also got to order the pictures tonite for my Photo Shoot I did a couple weeks ago. And getting rid of boxes, a little every night. Whew!! I need a couple more hours in the day I think!

We got a good report on our dog, Bailey. His blood work came back fine so his skin condition is caused by some sort of Allergy. We just have to find out what it is and hope his new medicine will work. We went for another walk last night and it was WONDERFUL. It felt so good to breathe that fresh air, to know we're staying healthy and hopefully, keeping my weight down. My pregnancy weight is right where it should be but because of my sugar issues, I tend to gain more in a short amount of time after four or five months. We've been fruit and veggie junkies lately so hopefully it's working. We're going for another walk tonite since it's going to be EVEN warmer. If we walk around our block, it's about a mile. I wanted to walk another time around but the dog and Hunter were getting tired. But they enjoyed it and it's SO great to get outside

Well, gotta go eat my Raisin Bran Cereal before getting ready for work. God Bless and have a great day!!

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