Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Saturday

That's how my day has been! I got up early, after all I DO have a toddler! He woke us both up, telling us about what a pretty day it is. He was hungry so Daddy got him a banana and back to bed he went. Then, up a couple hours later for his breakfast. Mike took our dog to the Vet. That part was NOT super and if you don't mind, our Bailey could use some prayers. He has some sort of skin condition where his coat is rubbed and his skin is exposed. I know it bothers him. We've been giving him antibiotics for some time, as all the Doctors could tell us is that it seems to be an allergy infection. Well, it's spreading now all over and he's been pretty miserable. Today, they gave us MORE medicine and did some bloodwork. They're worried he might have some sort of disease that is causing it. I hope not, I'm praying. Bailey is like our "first child" and Hunter adores him, as we all do. Hopefully, some new meds will kick in and work soon!!

I had to make Hashbrown Casserole for work on Friday and promised the boys that I'd make some for them too. So, I made a big dish of it for them this morning and it was yummy. My dad wanted to take Hunter to get a haircut so I gave them a big container too. The things Grandparents will do to see their grandkids but I'm not complaining. How sweet. He stopped by their house before bringing him home and Hunter showed off his haircut. He got some yummy fruit and snacks that they're having for their "Superbowl Party" on Sunday.

After Hunter went down for his nap, I went to the mall and got my hair cut and highlighted. It feels SO good after a hair cut. I needed a little update, after getting my new glasses. They are SO different than anything I've worn before but I LOVE them. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. I got told by THREE people at work that I look like the Naughty Librarian....LOL! Whatever! (but we had fun laughing over that one anyway) Makes you want to see them, right????? Just kidding!

Well, I'm off to make sure my Little Guy is in bed and get ready for that myself. We've got Church in the morning, then visits with the Grandparents. I'm making a Roast in the Crock Pot for lunch tomorrow and hope to get more accomplished here. Today, we got a great deal done and it feels great. (although, there's ALWAYS more)

We had Homemade Strombolli's that Mike made tonite and they were SO GOOD. We'll have leftovers tomorrow night, with some fresh fruit and veggies while we watch the Super Bowl. We usually don't watch Football but seem to always watch this particular game. It's fun!

Hope to go for a walk or to the park first, though after Hunter's nap. It's supposed to be beautiful weather!
God bless and enjoy your weekend!

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