Monday, February 25, 2008

Clean Clean Clean!!

We've been cleaning most of the weekend, sorry no pictures..YET! We've got about 7-8 bags going to the Thrift Store, a couple bags of trash, 2-3 containers that I have to go through this week and a lot of dust! I'll vacuum later....too much stuff now in the room. But it SURE is nice, using my new vacuum. That thing sucks up EVERYTHING and has a filter to help with allergies.. It was important we got something that works good, now that we'll have another baby crawling around in a couple months! We've been going through our office, which will be our little boy, Hunter's new room. We're getting there fast but after working on it all Sunday morning and afternoon, we had to walk away. I thought I'd have to go to work so I stayed home from Church yesterday. Mom took Hunter, though so he wouldn't miss it. We got SO much done. We still have some work to do but the hardest part is probably done. I can't believe ALL the stuff you accumulate when you get married!! I'm just hoping I can get a lot done tonite and tomorrow, after Hunter Man goes to bed

Wednesday, we go to the Circus and Thursday, I'm going out with my Mom and Grandmother. WHEW!!

Mike has his Motorcycle Course next weekend so he'll be gone Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I may get a lot done while Hunter sleeps but no painting yet....

I went to the Visitation yesterday afternoon, which was really nice. She looked really pretty and they had a really neat slide show with some wonderful pictures. She had a beautiful smile and it was wonderful to see her so happy, enjoying her grand kids and family. Afterwards, I stopped by Target to find Hunter some pants. I found him a cute outfit to have his picture taken Tuesday at school. The pants were a little long so I rushed them back over to my mom's house, and she hemmed them right away. (I was planning to leave them but she didn't mind doing them so I could take them with me) He's gone through a MAJOR growth spurt and now, his pants we got him right before Christmas are TOO short! He's really stretching up. (and fast)

Hope everyone has a great day. Not sure what the weather is like today but I'm ready for Spring!!

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