Friday, February 08, 2008

MUCH Better

Just sharing a picture of my Hunter Man Thursday night. He's a little OCD in his ways sometimes....LOL. He refuses to eat ANY grapes until they're all off the vine and in his bowl. He LOVES grapes, and loves most fruits and veggies for that matter. I'm glad for that. I believe he thinks his Gogort (that yogurt in a tube) or the bag of baby carrots are a REAL treat for him. I'm glad he doesn't want sweets and, as he says "Junk Food" first:)
What a joy that child gives me!! We thank God for him every day!!

I seem to be over the Flu now. I was home all day Thursday, resting. I had Diarrhea the night before and was exhausted by yesterday morning. I must have been dehydrated, because after taking my bath, I was dizzy and really lightheaded. I drank Ginger Ale most of the day and had some Jello, crackers and light foods. I'm still QUITE tired but I think if I drink fluids most of the day I should be better in NO time:)

Thank God It's Friday!

Not sure what our plans are tonite but I could go for a salad bar Dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. (if you're reading this, Mike, HINT HINT:) It's so good, and healthy.

Tomorrow is our Ultrasound and we're excited, and a little nervous. We can't wait to see what the sex of our baby is but no matter what, God is in control and we'll be thrilled either way. I'll DEFENTLEY be posting some pictures this weekend.

We're got some work to do around the house this weekend so I'm not sure I'll get to my Crop Saturday but excited about getting things DONE lately!

I need to print some pictures for a Memory Album I'm working on for my Uncle Hudge. He passed away several years ago and was much like another Grandfather to me. I'm also working on an ongoing Scrapbook for our office at work. I'd like to get a good amount of work done on those this weekend. I ALSO need to start our NEW baby's Scrapbook. Hunter had the CM Baby album but since it's discontinued, I'll probably try to find one on Ebay. I LOVE it!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and Weekend!! God bless and Take Care!

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