Wednesday, February 06, 2008

SO Glad To See The Day's End...

Today has been crazy. And I hope to not relive it for a while. It was pretty the first part of the day and I think the temps may have made it to 80. WOW, I have Spring Fever. I'd like to hook my Camper up to the car and head out camping somewhere. Unfortunately, Mike had to take it down to get looked at this afternoon. It appears our skylight in the bathroom is leaking. He's sealed it up but every time it rains, it leaks stll, just a little bit to be annoying:) Can't wait to get it back. Just to know it's there if we want to go on a moment's notice.

However, the way I'm feeling, I won't be going any time soon. I woke up this morning to find my sugar completely bottoming out. It was too late to recover, just make for the best and get something to eat pretty quick. I was in a daze at work and by 10 A.M. , I was sick. I just couphed it up to not being able to get a fix on my sugar in time. I got it to go back up but I was exhausted.
It appears I have the flu, or some sort of Virus...UGH!
I came right home, changed my clothes and crawled in to bed. I've been here ever since. Mike was wonderful; gave Hunter a bath, did his Speech homework and read him a bedtime story before bed. I miss it...We always do the Bedtime thing together.

Hunter was a real angel and stood by the door while I was sick. He wouldn't leave my side. I explained to him I couldn't hug or kiss him or even touch him for that matter because I didn't want him sick too. He just had this awful sad look on his face and said "Mama, I'm so sorry you're sick". Talk about your heart melting....

It's after 10 and my bottom is hurting from laying down..LOL but I needed to eat. Mike had gone to the store for a couple household items after Hunter Man went to bed. He got my some Ginger Ale (my favorite-WELL or sick) and jello cups. It hit the spot. I knew I needed to eat something.

I called the Patient First near me and asked if I did have the flu, could I get that medicine that you take within 24 hours of getting the Flu and it's supposed to weaken the effects. I can't take it though, because I'm pregnant. SO, I'm making do and getting better by resting and drinking fluids. (even if they aren't staying down)

I've got to go to work tomorrow and be better. First of all, Hunter has school and speech he needs to go to. Second, we're super short handed at work and I couldn't stand the thoughts of leaving them worse than they are....I hate calling in and I hate being sick.

Well, I'm going to get another Jello, drink some "Gin Yale", as my Pop always says and then, go to bed. God Bless and have a great Thursday!!

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Cheryl Wray said...

Oh man...I hope you get better quick! The flu stinks!

I LOVE your banner. It's so happy and Valentine-y (is that a word?).

So good to see you at my blog. I'll definitely be back here!