Saturday, January 27, 2007

What a Great Day!

Hunter, learning from Mommy and Daddy! This is my old SLR that I got about 8 years ago. It's much lighter than my current DSLR, obviously but we only let him hold it with us right there. Mike wants to learn how to develop film so we're keeping it. It has lots of great sentimental value too. I love it! This picture was so funny to me!! I just had to share it!

Mike worked late last night and all day today so Hunter and I have had fun hanging out while he's been sick. He's so sweet, but his fever is still SO high, with Tylenol AND his antibiotic. It's SCARY so we're going to pick up some Motrin tomorrow. B the time Mike got home Saturday afternoon I I needed a little Jenn time so I went to Ritz Camera to pick up a new printer, had a return from Toys R US and Circuit City and stopped by Barnes and Noble for a large Cinnamon Dolce Latte while reading a great Photography Magazine from the UK. It was so relaxing...don't worry, Lynn. I didn't forget you. I'm going to call you tomorrow!

Our new printer!! I got my camera from Ritz Camera and they have so many perks! They gave me a whole folder with coupons. One being this printer is free after 2-$5o mail in rebates. (when you make certain purchases) I've already got them ready to mail off....this printer is awesome. Now, we'll put this photo printer upstairs for our desktop computer and our current HP Photo smart Printer is downstairs for use with the laptop in my Scrapping corner. I use it all the time! When did we become such Electronic Junkies? LOL!

Mike has been formatting and cleaning up our computers now. Before doing so, he was messing around with some of our pictures, reminiscing. We have really grown to love Photography together. He's always a big help with that and Photo shop when I need him. It's nice having several things we enjoy doing together. Running, Photography, Editing pictures; He's the BEST! He's taught me so much lately!

My new camera bag!! I've been searching for one for a while, since getting my new Sony DSLR. I have a big, bulky, shoulder bag that really makes me sore. This one is incredible because I love backpacks. (Even Hunter's diaper bag is a backpack) This has plenty of room for all my stuff and extra room for another lens and flash that I hope to get later. I can also put my wallet, etc in the front, zippered pocket so I don't have to take my purse all the time. I love this bag!!
Well, today has been a great day. I've had a little cabin fever since being in the house since Thursday. I took Hunter to the doctor and then came home. Friday, I was in the house all day and today only went out for Hunter's swim lesson and then ran a couple errands this afternoon by myself. We weren't sure if he was going to go to his lesson today but his fever had gone down, I got him some ear plugs to wear and I tried not to get his ears wet. He still isn't feeling perfect but his fever is hopefully, getting better. It had been around 103 and he felt like he was burning up!! I hate seeing those rosy red cheeks since I know what that meant. He did really well. He's learning so much! They base it on making cookies. It's fun; they mix it up, add their favorite food, put them in the oven and look in the oven to see if they're done. Hunter just LAUGHS:)
Mike went to his brother's graduation ceremony last night. I couldn't go since Mom, Dad, Jeff, Nanny and Pop were all out of town so noone to watch Hunter. Congrats, Dave! We're so proud of you!

Hunter's cousins, D & K. How cute!!

What an incredible hallway!! Talk about leading lines! Mike got a couple of these shots but this one is defentley my favorite!!

Well, Good Nite! I'm going to go get some cleaning done so I can play with my camera tomorrow and have some fun stuff at home. I think I might have time to get a little scrapboking done and maybe post some of my current layouts to TwoPeas. The weather is calling for some snow flurries but I'm sure we won't be that lucky. I have to call in Sunday night to see if I have Jury Duty again. I had to go this past Tuesday but they didn't have a case for the week so I got to leave. Good Nite!

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