Saturday, January 20, 2007

A COLD COLD Saturday

My New Backdrop Fabric
The BEST Models
AND...the most adorable!I love his little sweet face, as he plays
Boys will be boys, playing aroundHunter, learning all about swim strokesMy Beautiful Church Well, I'm watching 48 Hours Mystery and glad to be in flannel pj's! It's so cold!! Just got back a little while from church for our monthly crop and Wal-mart, picking up some little things, including some stuff to make my light box tomorrow. I still have to pick up some material but got everything else. I played around with my back drop last night; I got a new black, thick bottom weight backdrop and it turned out perfect. My mom found me a beautiful, red, long piece of material too at the thrift store she stops by. It looks really nice for Valentine's day!Hunter looked cute but had a dirty, little face. I asked if he'd sit up there for me and he did really well. He moved just where I wanted him but was laughing in a lil' mischievous way...Just TOO cute! Some of the shots turned out really funny. I borrowed Diego, Boots and Mickey Mouse and they were very accommodating! It was all about fun anyway, no serous stuff! I was tired..I closed at work and had yummy homemade chili when I got home. It made me sleepy...
Anyway, got up this morning and cleaned up my cropping area, went to Hunter's swim lessons and went to the crop this afternoon. I had fun. I had a ready to go Wedding Album that I added my brother's wedding photos in. I completely finished that one and am starting to work on another 12x12 just for that one. It shouldn't take that long since I have almost everything ready to go. Tomorrow, I'm going to church and going to visit a little after. I DEFINITELY want to get home before we get a possible shower of winter mix. I want snow SO bad but it will probably only be rain and sleet. YUCK...Virginia can't get a break! We've had so much warm weather here lately but looks like the cold has really moved in the last week. My church is right on the water, overlooking the James River Bridge and the Shipyard. I took some pics but need to edit a little since there was some harsh sunset. I did use my Polarise filter to take some of the glare off. It looks like it did help. But, it was SO cold. My friend ran out with me and we were just RUNNING so we could hurry and get the shots:) It was really bitter. I'm glad...and ready for snow!! Did I mention that I love snow? Anyway, I'm going to go work on some pictures and I'll post them tomorrow. I'm ready for a snack and a little time with my darling hubby, Mike. He's downloading another book on audio on his IPOD but getting ready to quit for the evening. Good Night!!

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Lara said...

That's a cool backdrop holder thingy...did you make it? If so, would you share with me how you did it? I've been taping mine up to the wall, LOL!