Friday, January 26, 2007

Dinner at The Piccadilly

We ate at Piccadillythe other night for my cousin, Caleb's birthday. Hunter wore his little Lovasaurus shirt...ain't he a cutie? He likes dinosaurs and saw it...I was planning to wait until Febuary for him to wear this shirt!

My Nanny Arnette and Aunt Kitty

My brother, Jeff and Pop

Getting ready to leave; Dad, Hunter, Jeff and Mom
Just wanted to post these pictures that I hadn't done yet. Hunter is sick again today. He's the happiest sick child I've ever met. But, his fever got up to 103 last night and we were getting worried! That's with Tylenol and his antibiotic. He's so hot, but clingy and smiling. I think I'm going to hold him all day. I love him so much and HATE to see him burning up. Mike's working all weekend so it'll be just us. I think we're going to have some fun. May make some cookies that I have left over, watch a movie and make some Orange Julius. (my old time favorite)
I've got some cleaning to do while he's napping. I might try to post some layouts this afternoon. Have a great day. It's in the 20's here but I'm SURE we won't be lucky enough for any snow!

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