Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's snowing!

It's's snowing!! I know it's not going to stick but it sure is pretty falling. Hunter and I stood at the door to watch it for a few moments. We don't get it much AT ALL so we were excited. I wish it would ALOT and there is still talk of some this weekend. I'm home today with Hunter since he has the beginning of an ear infection in his left ear. He got a high fever last night at my parents house and by the time I got him home, he was burning up. He gets them fast and high so we take them very serious. He doesn't ever complain, usually until he gets real tired and worn down. That's how I can usually tell something is up. He's hardly ever sick and we've been lucky this year, none of us have had anything. Sometimes, he's just fighting something off but he sounded congested too. I could hardly get him out of the bathtub or dressed last night he was so tired. He just wanted me to hold him and I have NO problem with that. I think he's feeling better today. He's in a great mood. He's just clingy and cute:) I changed him into clean pj's before going to the doctor today and his little cheeks are so red. I've given him Tylenol but he's still burning up. I've had a great time holding him. I took him to Hot Dog King after the doctor visit since he's been saying it for a couple days now. He's such a joy! It's hard to believe he'll go to First Step next year! When I was at Jury Duty the other day waiting, I remembered that and teared up. He's not a baby anymore and although every day is better than the one before, it's kindof sad. He still likes to be treated like one, though. He still wants to rock in my arms before going to his bed and he still wants to curl up with Boots, Diego, Mickey and Donald. He still likes Mommy and Daddy Kisses and Hugs, which we adore! Mike has to work all weekend so I think we're going to plan on a nice weekend at home. I might make a big pot of chilli and maybe pickup a good movie for us. We might get some snow again. Just my luck, probably not but a girl can wish. I just wish Hunter could play in it. He'd have a ball, with that cute little mischevious laugh of his. Hope everyone has a great day. Thank God tomorrow is Friday!
This is my little, weak eyed Hunter. He LOVES his hat, or mine. He wanted to wear it around the house today! I made his take it off so he wouldn't get too warm but not before catching a cute picture!

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