Monday, January 22, 2007

Where does the time go?

How does the night fly by so fast? We went to see Mike's grandparents tonite, shortly after I came home from work. Mike had already given Hunter his bath and gotten him in his pj's. I found these Elmo slippers on clearance at Kmart today. He LOVED them. He looked so cute. Granny, PaPa and Ellen were laughing big time with his shoes on . He didn't mind. He was watching one of the Dora Dvd's from the set they gave him for Christmas. He loves it, and he's so cute the way he answers questions Dora asks:) Anyway, we visited and had a nice time. Came home from there, put Hunter to bed and I'm on my way. I'm so tired. I have to be downtown again for Jury Duty. If I get another murder case, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown! What a stresser, qute interesting though. Well, too tired to blog. I'll post more tomorrow night. Good night!


kathy said...

Jury duty, I sooo feel for ya! Hope it's a quick case (yeah right!).

Missy's Blog said...

LOOOOVE the Elmo slippers ... they are so cute and silly! Hope the jury duty ends soon.