Thursday, January 04, 2007

Nightly Beauty at Epcot

Just some of the sthots I got on the way to Illuminations at Epcot. Disney is always Magical but there just seemed to be something extra special this particular evening!

Epcot for the Illuminations Fireworks show and it was beautiful! Everything looked gorgeous at night in the colorful lights!
This overhead lighted walkway was gorgeous!! You couldn't help but stop and admire it!!

I LOVE Christmas Trees, no matter what size, shape or form. I should have taken another shot like this with my 4 point star filter.
Although dark, I still LOVE the way these last 2 turned out! This is my favorite Night time Display!

Illuminations at Epcot is just incredible. The fireworks, the lights, the music, Just Incredible!! We bought the music cd when we were in Disney in 1999 and alot of the music is the same. We listen to it all the time so it really meant that much more when we came back 8 years later!
Hope everyone has a great day. I get off at 3 today since Mike is having dental surgery. He's having 2 wisdom teeth surgically removed. They are really in there and they can't do any of the other work he needs done before getting those out. He says he should be fine driving hom but I'd rather be there and he not need me then he need me and I not be there:)
Take care and have a great Thursday. BTW, does anyone know when Grey's Anatomy will be back on and not repeats? I can't wait!!

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milkcan said...

Beautiful photos! TFS!