Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Fun Night

Mike, Hunter and I went to Starbucks tonite. I decided to be funny and give Hunter a little whip cream from my latte. First, putting it on his nose, then gave him a taste. He REALLY liked it, and then wanted more more more!! He was laughing was so cute!!
This is one of Hunter's photos from Sears Portrait Studio. He put that hat on himself and gave us that look. The session was actually over. We ALWAYS get atleast 1 black and white photo. We -LOVE- this face!
Michelle on TwoPeas was talking about this very cool backdrop stand that she made. Mike and I put it together tonite. (This is the biggest size of course) I love it..I tried my green velour blanket on it, just to get an idea of what it would be like. That's me posing for Mike, looking terrible, after vacuming the house, making a Hashbrown Casserole for work and cleaning..ugh! I couldn't say no, though, after he went with me to buy the stuff and he cut the pieces for me. He's so great...I'm so lucky..he's so supportive of my interests:) (and an INCREDIBLE handy man too)
This is just a smaller size I can use for small stuff. Since I took the engineer with me, he insisted on these sturdy and stronger clamps. They're actually very cool and the dfferent sizes are nice. I can't wait to mess with the sizes available. I think now that I'm familiar with it, I'll probably go back to make a small table top size one for more small things. What a great idea..Thanks, Michelle!! Have a great night. Off to bed, and up early for an eye exam and checkup. PRAY FOR's going to be really cold, maybe some ice and rain but hopeing for the white stuff! I adore snow!!

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Missy's Blog said...

Hunter looks like he's having a ball ... such fun, silly things make our boys happy don't they?