Monday, January 22, 2007

no snow?

My Little Swimmer
Well, I guess we won't be getting any snow this season. They called for a wintery mix yesterday and that's just what we got. Sleet...rain...NO snow...What's a girl to do? We did get to enjoy a little of the cold weather yesterday. Mike and I drove around and got some great pictures of my photo challenge this week: water. I started out this week slow, with Hunter's swim lesson smile. I'll move in the week with the better ones later. We got our flannel pj's back on right after getting home. We got out and look out from one of the overlooks....BBBRRR! But it was fun being together. Mike has really taken an interest too. We made Orange Julius and Hunter loved it. He is really talking so much more. I was telling him what it was after he made a funny face. He said Orange Juice...too funny. My baby is growing up...It's a love like no other. I could eat him with a spoon, as my mom says:) Anyway, Mike is supposed to work on my laptop this week since it's so slow and we need to organize the pictures. We keep a backup of all of them on cd's but just need to organize the older ones. I've got some pictures of Jeff's wedding I'm planning to finish up in an album and hope to post some layouts this week. I finally got back on Sony 101 and plan to see what classes they're offering. Hoping to find a class really soon, maybe this summer at TNCC. I mentioned it to Mike again this weekend and he said he had already checked into it for sweet!! My class at Ritz was cancelled tonite since the instructer has the flu. I was really looking forward to it too. (Glad I've avoided that so far) Also, need to sign up for the Shamrock Run for all o us and move my treadmill on the other side of the room. HUNTER is running this year too. I can't wait! There's a special run for him and he gets a tshirt and goodie bag. I can't wait. That's it for today. Have a great Monday!

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Cheryl Wray said...

The pic is adorable!!
We also aren't getting any snow down South! We got some sleet on Friday night, but nothing else! My kids just beg for snow, and we NEVER get it. Boo hoo!
Orange julius sounds SO good!!