Sunday, January 28, 2007

Girls Just want to have fun!

Well, didn't get QUITE as much as I wanted to do tonite but got most of the important stuff done. I finished my light box FINALLY that I got the stuff for over a week ago. I was right in the middle of it when I left to meet Lynn and Kim for a yummy coffee at Starbucks. (Even with a tooth ache, it was yum yiscious!) We needed to dish, to be, to reflect on life, and what's going on in each

other's life. And Kim, well, she had her first coffee! YA! She liked it, I think. It was a nice time just hanging out. (Be PS isn't loaded yet since Mike reformatted. These are "naked", not cropped or edited a bit:( Not that these lovely ladies need much editing. (Lynn, I know what you're thinking..." I'll photoshop that out" LOL...ha ha Just kidding:)

Doesn't look like we're getting any snow, as I predicted. The news said it was snowing in some other areas but not here. Hmmm. And I don't have to

go to Jury Duty another week. HOORAY, again. Just have to call next week.

(my last week:)

I went to Michael's too to pick up a little something for some Wedding Shower Invites I'm Making. I got these stamps on clearance too and these are adorable. I was actually looking for something just like this. Yes, Jess, these are for you, Girlie! I also picked up a huge embellishment set that will be a great addition to my scrap stuff. Hope I can get to it this week. Tomorrow, is our Photog class at Ritz. We haven't been there for 2 weeks since we were out of town the first week and last week, the instructor had the flu. I can't wait to go! It's so neat! Well, I'm headed off to bed. Hunter finally went to bed and I'm tired! Good Nite:)


Cheryl Wray said...

LOVE the pics! Looks like your night at Starbucks with the girls was fun!! And I love that embellishment set; it looks GREAT!
(btw--the new pic of you and your family is so good!!)

sohpiasmom said...

Wow! Those embellishmets are neat! I saw those at my Michaels...may need to go get them now! Really like your blog :)