Saturday, January 06, 2007

What a Beautiful Day!!

Well, it's like 70 degrees here in Va!! It's JANUARY...what's up with that? We're going skiing next week in Northern Va and we really need some snow!! I don't think we're going to get it here but it would be nice for some colder temps!! Oh Well, don't mean to complain. I'm thankful to God that we do have beautiful weather today. We slept in, had pancakes for breakfast and are getting ready to head out. Planning on going to the Williamsburg Outlets to get Hunter some new sneakers and MIGHT go by and pick up my Sony Alpha SLR! It's on sale at Ritz Camera for $100 cheaper. I was just looking at my Minolta lenses and filters that will fit it. I'll be ready to go in no time, practicing, that is. I'm no pro and I have a LONG way to go. But, being in this Photo Challenge, I've realized that I can learn so much from all the VERY talented girls there. Photography has defentley become a PASSION. I lost that a couple years ago with my first SLR because it was bigger than a point and shoot and I just wasn't ready to settle down with the time it takes to learn. Since getting my point and shoot, I've realized how much versatility I want with the DSLR but have still enjoying my 2 previous Sony Cameras. Hoping to get some good pics today outside no matter WHAT camera I'm using. Just thought I'd share some shots of Hunter at the Chick fil a Play area last night. We pass 2 other stores just to go to this one that's inside with lights. It was WORTH it though..Mom and Dad even got in there with him and I MUST say, it was interesting gettting out. But fun. Have a great day and enjoy they day God has given us no matter what weather your area gives you. Take care and I'll catch back up tonite for some pictures and updates on my blog apprearance hopefully. (I haven't been too pleased with my banner so hope to replace tonite!)

"WOW, that was fun. Again?"

(Hunter got to the top and yelled "POO POO" so that's why he's on his belly, Thank God!! :)

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