Thursday, January 04, 2007

Calgon, Take Me Away...A Life Vent

Ok, so what a day! I'm still in a great mood, but it's just been a bit crazy. First of all, Mike had those 2 bottom wisdom teeth surgically removed at the Dentist office today. I took off early to make sure he was ok to drive; He's just in a state of shock with the numbness and goes straight home, forgets to call me. I get there, no Mike. I've been going there all my life so the girls just laugh, said he was kindof out of it, ready to go. I got home and he was doing ok, but looked like he could pass out. I think he just felt "weird".

We let Hunter drive his Diego Jeep in the front yard for a while and then decided to go to the nearby park so he can have some fun in the large, empty parking lot. We have a blast! He's getting the hang of the steering and looks cute since he always has to have his big Diego life size doll beside him. Today, he's wearing his Diego shirt, holding Diego and driving the Diego Jeep. Gee, ya think he's a fan? :)

Mike insisted we go there before dropping off the RX so Hunter could enjoy the incredible weather. It also took his mind off the numbness of his face. We dropped off the RX and they say it will be an hour, the parking lot and drive thru are packed. What is going on? Then, we remember that they lost power last night and someone in line I knew said it was this morning before they got it back. They are WAY behind. Get there after getting some dinner and they haven't filled it. No date on the slip and it's a narcotic. GREAT! After 2 other pharmacies and about an hour later, we finally get it filled. I get home before my dentist calls and says he's calling the pharmacy now. So now, Mike has to go back out to get it...He's got tears in his eyes he is so in pain now. I could cry myself. I KNEW he could feel it BIGTIME.
He's taken the meds now and it's feeling better. Don't think he'll be at work tomorrow. Evidentally, they both were in there pretty good. The left one had to be cut in pieces with the saw, came out in several pieces and stitches in their place. UGH! So, the worst is over we hope. Im just stressed, seeing the pain on his face. I'm just destressing, working on some pictures and my New Year's Resolutions. Let's see what I've come up with the last couple days of the New Year. NO Particular order here...

*Post a photo every day of 2007 on my Photo Blog. (as well as my every day blog)
*Looking into some Photography courses, either online or locally somewhere.
*Purchasing my Sony DSLR Alpha A-100 Camera....EEEWWWW AAAHHHH
*Learning as much as I can about Photography as possible..this amazes me!!

*Getting back into running ...working on my other blog for my goals, journal. (The
Shamrock Run is only 2 months away and Mike and I are both planning to run!)
*Staying true to my diet. I've lost 31 pounds and I'm NOT gaining it back!
*Getting more organized at home (doing alot of this lately and alot accomplished)
*Doing more home repairs, remodels. Starting our bathroom THIS Saturday:)
*Working on getting LOTS of layouts accomplished, and posted on 2Peas.
*Going camping more. We've got about 5 new places we want to check out!
*Having a big Summer Party. Try to do it atleast once a year with about 50 of
our friends and coworkers. Always a blast and a big turnout!
*Eye Surgery. I've had 3 and have to have it again ASAP. I have an apmt Tuesday
unless cancelled due to Jury Duty for a month..UGH! Right Eye is really acting up..
*Having a little sister for Hunter:) ha ha ha (for real)
*Winning the lottery:) Mike asked me to post THIS one:)
*Helping Mike pass his Professional Engineer Exam....taking it in the Fall. YA!! This
is a BIG step in his career and something he has looked forward to for a LONG time!
*Growing in the Lord more every day, together with my family. I've been a Christian
for years but have realized this should ALWAYS be our prayer. We have a new
Devotion for Parents we read with our Bible.

I can't think of any more now but if I do, I'll post them back here. I like having the list to look back on. I'm a LIST helps me remember things:)
Ok, here are some pics of Hunter tonite with his Jeep.

UPDATE: Mike seems to be feeling better and even went to work today. He still needs the meds and is in some pain but said he had some work to do and he was doing fine. YA! Glad my Honey is feeling better and we can have some family fun this weekend:)


Robyn said...

Oh your poor husband! HUGS!

Gosh Hunter looks so cute in the diego jeep! LOVE it!

MichelleLanning said...

ouch - hope he feels better!

How cute is your son with Diege -- looks like my dd with Dora~

Missy's Blog said...

Glad to hear your hubby is feeling better (I read your post after the update).

Hunter looks adorable on his Jeep ... we might have to get Griffin one of those next year.

I love your list of resolutions ... the biggie ... winning the lottery. I just went and bought $5 worth of lottery tickets today as it's up to $102 million ... can you even imagine??? We rarely play the lottery ... only when it's over $100 million. If we don't win ... we hope you do!

Cheryl Wray said...

Great pics!! I love em!
Hunter and my Sydney could hang out together with all their Diego and Dora stuff. She loves Dora!!
Glad that your DH is feeling better today. Being drugged up from dental work is the worst!!

Jessica said...

Aww Hunter looks like he is having a blast! Hope you guys have a great weekend!