Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Finally Home..

Well, back from the Mountains. It was beautiful of course! NOT skiing weather and mostly in the upper 60's but we still had a great time. We left Saturday morning but not before Hunter's first swimming lesson. YA!! He did really good. But he's so much bigger than the kids his age so he's going to a different time slot next week. We took our time getting up to Mass, then, went grocery shopping and came back to chill out in our condo. It was SO relaxing. We had a yummy steak dinner. YUM! Slept in the next day, went swimming, then a little shopping and back to the condo for a little R&R. We watched Cars that morning after a BIG breakfast. Monday, everyone left and Mike, Hunter and I stayed an extra day. Mom and Dad were argueing about snoring and not sleeping so I was glad to get a little rest. We took a long nap while Hunter did the same and then went back to the pool. When we got back, we took showers, then out to dinner. We had Red Lobster gift cards and it was so delicious. We hadn't been there for a long time. After sleeping in again on Tuesday, we went to the ski store and stopped to get a couple photos. It's been warm the whole time we were there but this morning, it was 40's. Boy, did I want to stay and tube. But, it had started to rain and there was almost NO snow there. We really did have an awesome time no matter the circumstances. I was glad to be home, though. We got all unpacked and the laundry is already in the works. I also got my Creative Memories camera shoulder strap that I got on Ebay in the mail already..It was really fast. This one is padded and really neat. I only paid $1! (she was going out of buisness) Aren't all photos Creative Memories? That's what I thought:) But I'm too tired to post more pictures since I had to update the POTD blog. Take care and tune in tomorrow for some photos:) Good Nite!

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Jill said...

Sounds like a fun trip!