Monday, January 08, 2007

My Little Prince

WOW!! This looks pretty SCARY! Hunter's in a dinosaur loving kindof mood. He's mocking the sound they make. What a silly little boy!
He actually sat down for a minute for a picture with Mom. I took this myself!!

I was chasing him all over the house, trying to get a cute portrait. He finally cooperated. He was really good but just wanted to play. I don't know too many 2 year olds who will let you take their picture:) We were sitting on the kitchen floor reading books in this picture. Glad we keep the floor clean! At one point, I layed down on my back, trying to get the picture looking up.

I love these 2 faces! I just love those profile pics; those smiling eyes, that cute little nose and his sweet little mouth, where he gives the best kisses!
My little man, enjoying life and being such a joy to Mom and Dad!
This little face is his new smile...He does it every time I say cheese! WOW..may put this in my"Little Prince" frame at work!

Anyway, I felt good to use my new camera. It sure was fun. I just wanted to try it out, since I haven't all that much. My head's been in the book but now Im ready to PLAY! I love it...It's such an incredible camera. I'm looking forward to learning all about it. Tonite was our 1st Camera Class at Ritz Camera. It was fun! I learned a lot about the basic stuff. I knew most of it but sometimes it's just nice to go over things as an overview. Next week is going to be good but we'll be in Harrisonburg at the Massanutten Resort. There will be another one in March so we plan on going to that one. Hope it will be cold enough for some snow!! I'm dieing to go skiing, and tubing. Hunter is tall enough this year to tube and we can't wait. I got my ski's back last week from Sports Authority since Mike got all our equipment tuned up. Last year, they really needed it. My knees ached from trying to carve in the snow with not much luck. Well, good night. Gotta get my Photo Blog challenge done!! Also, need to pick out my outfit for tomorrow. I have to report for Jury Duty tomorrow...UGH! Atleast I have next week off since I'll be out of town. Hoping to get some scenic pictures to change my banner. I haven't had time to change it yet and have been not happy with it for a while..Oh well:) Good night!

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Cheryl Wray said...

SO excited to hear about your new camera!! I LOVE taking photos and my DH is a photographer, so we totally appreciate cameras around here!!
Your pics of the little one are adorable. He is such a cutie--love all the faces!!
Good luck with jury duty tomorrow (ugh!)