Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Mike was at the mall picking up tickets for us for Saturday and called me at work to tell me to meet him at Ruby and Tuesdays for dinner!! YUM YUM!! We both had yummy salads and Hunter had a grilled cheese. It was so good, and a great end to the work day. After diner, we went to the Holiday store with all the musical boxes. Hunter stood in front of this one display with all the animals and named them and then their sound. It was SO funny; Even the lady working there was laughing. He did SO good. He pointed to each one but didn't lay a finger on any of them. I celebrated my total weight loss now is 30 POUNDS!! WHEW HOO!! I'm so excited! The only bad part is that almost NONE of my pants fit. I had gained quite a bit of weight a while ago and gave up a bunch of my pants that I said would probably never fit again...hhhmmmm. Well, I could use them now. I went out this summer and bought all new bigger pants and now they just fall off me. So, amid my busy schedule this weekend I HAVE to find some to wear to Disney, as well as a new pair of walking shoes. (I usually get the Reebok Princess ones and they are so comfy for walking)Only 10 days until we leave!! Ya!! I can't wait!! We planned this trip last December; it's taken us that long to save up for it anyway:)
We finished the Gingerbread house...doesn't it look great? Mike did most of the work. He has that Engineer mentatlity so it had to be perfect:) Got a busy week and weekend. Tonight, I'll finish my cleaning so it will be nice for our dinner Saturday night. Friday night, going to the Holly Dazzle in Oyster Point for fireworks, music and kids activities. Saturday morning, we're going to the mall to have breakfast with Santa and Sunday, going to Grand Illuminations with some friends. I'm *DONE* my shopping and looking forward to enjoying the festivities!! Hope everyone has a great "Hump Day" :)

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Cheryl Wray said...

Your little one is SO cute! I just love the stuff that they come up with at that age!
LOVE your gingerbread house. We are SO doing one this year!!