Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A trip to the Bass Pro Shop

These are the pictures of us at the Bass Pro Shop Sunday. Hunter loved watching the fish...I can't wait to take him to the Aquarium in Maryland next year. It was really interesting. The fish here were so big!! They were really cool!!The boys found a boat they like:) Do you think Santa will bring it for Christmas? :) Anyway, we had fun looking out all the outdoors stuff. I think Hunter was a little scared of the bear:) He didn't go near him at all..
I think we ALL enjoyed the tranquility of the day and at this stop. I have my MRI this afternoon and although I won't know anything probably for a week, I'm still a little nervous, tired of not knowing what the future holds. I've stressed over it long enough, though and cannot let it affect my health anymore. I'm really in a great mood though. My husband is going with me and with him there, I know I'll be ok. A positive attitude is a BEAUTIFUL thing:) Have a wonderful day.


Tawnya said...

wow you are one busy gal
fun pics!

melissa said...

good luck with your MRI-I know how scary that can be