Monday, November 20, 2006

Moving Right Along

This post is probably pretty boring...Went out tonite to get another Christmas present. I think the only other things I have to get are from Costco and have to go with my grandmother since I don't have a membership. Ya..Almost there!! Not sure if I will make it by Thanksgiving but atleast that's all I have left. Went to Michael's tonite so I could pick up some things I ran out of. My glue pen dried out and I was getting low on cards and eyelets. I got a new Christmas stamp, a beautiful poinsettia. I can already envision my Christmas invitations. For my Thanksgiving cards, I couldn't find a new stamp. But I have several different leaf stamps so I think I'll use those with some embossing powder. Hoping to get those done after I clean tomorrow night. Aren't these tall frames and finger puppets cute?? Thought they'd make cute little gifts and of course, the puppets are stocking stuffers. I also got some cute stamp cubes, which are so fun and wrapped some presents tonite. The only ones I haven't wrapped are Hunter's. I have to separate Santa's from Mom and Dad's:) I'm almost finished this scarf I'm making so got some more yarn for a scarf for my aunt maybe. My mom is supposed to be teaching me soon to knit but right now, I use the Knifty Knitter and I love it!! This yarn is like FLEECE...I love it and it was pretty cheap at Michaels. (I was planning to get some of the markdown ones but this one was cheaper:) The scarf I'm currently working on is my first...I'm kinda proud of it.:) Anyway, let me go. Gotta make my shopping list for DH to pick up for me tomorrow. I'm making Hash Brown Casserole and a dessert for Thanksgiving to take with me. I'm still looking for something different for the dessert. I just got the new 9x13 and bunt pan stoneware from Pampered Chef and I'm dieing to use them! We have about 8 stone pieces already and really love them. Mine are completely black from being seasoned!!

Well, hope you have a great Tuesday!! and have fun with all the Thanksgiving preparations!

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Cheryl Wray said...

You are doing so GREAT on your Christmas shopping! DH and I actually went out today and bought some stuff for the first time--got quite a few Santa gifts and a few other random gifts for different family members. But still so much more still to go . . .
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!