Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Staying Busy...

Just wanted to share some of my treasures from my "Shopping Therapy" on Sunday. I got a sample of the Magnolia Blossom lotion from Bath and Body Works. It smells so yummy and these little lotion sizes are great! The little loaf crocks are perfect for neighbors and friends. I got these 2 and 2 others with gingerbread and Christmas tress on them from Michael's for only $1. I may go back for a couple more. Went to Dollar Tree today just for some wrapping paper but ending up getting some more tape, labels, bows, and some Winter window clings for Hunter to hang in our dining room window. (on the back of the house of course:) I know he'll really like those. I love to wrap presents but can't stand it if I run out of something. I'd rather have more than not enough...it will last. I also got some really cool stickers and stamp sets. I thought the stamps would be great for some quick but cute holiday cards. I might work on those Wednesday night. (Tomorrow, I'm going to the Disney Store to pick up our new CARS DVD. I can't wait!!) Grandma and Grandad stopped by to see Hunter since Grandad has to go out of town this week. They were only here for a couple minutes but they had a nice visit. Hunter was running off that last bit of energy before bedtime. He loves going to bed...it's kinda sad:( We had a good system. He always wanted me to rock him first. Now, he is so ready to get in his bed he turns out his light, closes the door and makes sure he has all the afghans and his pacifier in hand. He's calling his bed too..he wants to get in and go to sleep. I'm glad he's so good but I miss our rocking time. We've done the same thing since he was a little baby. After he went to bed, I wrapped most of my presents and stacked them up while watching New Adventures of Old Christine. That show is so funny...it felt good to laugh. I know I was really stressed about my hand and leg getting sore and numb but had been feeling better since I got home. Now, I can feel my back and arms just tensing up, like it did today becuase I was worried. I just wanted to do some enjoyable things tonite since I could use anything to not make me think about what's going on. I had kindof a panic attack today because I could feel it coming on...it makes it worse. I know I need to relax and think positive but that's easier SAID then done. Well, Good night and hope everyone has a great day. It's supposed to be warm and around 70 here. What about our Fall? I'm so ready for it to get cold and have some Holiday fun. YA!

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