Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ahhhh...Saturday at LAST

What a wonderful Saturday we've had. I cleaned and reorganized my cropping corner. I'm so excited. Everything is right where I can get it and organized. I also have room for the laptop so I can blog and email right in my den with the boys:) I also organized my leaning book shelf with my scrapbooks nicely arranged on the bottom shelf. I added some fall potpourri and had my pumpkin pie candle burning all day. The scents of Autumn filled my home and made me feel very happy. I have a couple cards to make tonite but probably won't do that until after Hunter man goes to bed. Mike cut the front and back yard while Hunter and I hung out inside. We played, watched some movies, got a bath, some lunch and down he went for a long afternoon nap. I played on the computer and did some changes to my blog. The yard looked so nice after Mike cut the grass. I went out and swept and cleaned up a bit before catching some shots from the street. I'm pretty happy with the yard but I'd still like to plant some pansies and bulbs soon. I LOVE working in the yard! My Uncle Marvin and Cousin Caleb surprised us to show off Marvin's new jeep. It's really cool, a beautiful Candy Apple Red and they look really cute driving in it. It was a nice visit and then I was COLD! I 've been bugging Mike for a fire in the fireplace so he went out and got some wood and made a nice fire. It was very relaxing and that's pretty much what I've done today. It's been great..I need more Saturdays like this one's been. I'm in a lot better mood than last night. I got up this morning, had blueberry muffins, got a nice bath and got back in a pair of flannel PJ's..there's nothing like it on a cold, Saturday. I even had my grandmother's homemade soup for lunch. It doesn't get better than that:) After Hunter goes to bed, Mike is going to help me scan in some of my scrapbook page layouts to post online. I can't wait..I enjoy everyone else's but have never bothered to post my own. I've got plenty of room on my newly organized crop table to work on it..ya! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend:)

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