Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday already... seems like the weekends go by so quick, and then I go back to work and the week goes by fast too. Time is flying anymore! We were busy this weekend. We didn't have too much to do at home except some laundry and some bills to pay. I'm finishing the laundry tonight and gotta pay bills tomorrow. UGH! I hate paying bills. I don't know why..I use the Bill Payer and I get to sit right at my computer and pay them. But it's depressing for me. It shouldn't be. I pay my offering to church and somehow, I always have enough. Thank God for small miracles! Anyway, I have some more pictures at the Yankee Candle Store. I also have some from today. I couldn't get them to load and don't have the patience to worry with it...I'll try tomorrow. We went to church and then did a little Christmas shopping. One of my stops was the Bass Pro Shop. I was just going to run in and get a gift card but suggested we all go in so Hunter can see the Aquarium. He SQUEELED with delight...loved to see the fish! We went to the Baltimore Aquarium about 3 years ago while we were camping and it was really interesting. We're already planning to go one weekend this Spring again. I know my little guy will love it! After we got home, Hunter took a great nap while I folded clothes and cleaned our bedroom. Mike cleaned out our garage and it looks so nice. We had a lot of junk we had to get rid of and over the last couple months, have gotten rid of a lot of it! Now, everything is organized and there's a place for everything. Mike even used part of his Christmas present, a large shelving unit and some hooks for our bikes. We usually get each other just a little something since we have everything we could ever want or need. Anyway, Hunter is getting ready to go nite nite so gotta go read and rock a little. Overall, we had a laid back weekend having some fun. I'm looking forward to wrapping some presents this week. I think I'll be done all my Christmas shopping in the next couple days..YA! Hope everyone has a great week!


Tiffany Rice aka mnscrapdiva said...

Great photos!

Mandi said...

What pretty pictures! And these were just in the stores! WOW! Have fun wrapping presents!

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow--you are really moving on your Christmas shopping! I've got to get started on mine!
Ugh--I also hate paying bills!
I seriously need to go get me some holiday Yankee candles!
And I love all the photos!!