Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thinking of Thursday

TONITE's the NIGHT! I'm going to see Tran Siberian Orchestra..YA! at the Hampton Coliseum. I've been the last few years, I think about 7, since we got married. I love them more every time I go. They put on a great Pyrotechnics show and it's awesome. We're going to dinner with 2 couples and I'm excited. Excited to not think about really goes on in my every day life. I may not always be happy, and I'm not, but if you have a positive attitude, it's amazing how you can feel. Just because I refuse to be down in the dumps or care to air out my dirty laundry with the world doesn't mean I'm a bad person. It just means I'm focusing on the good in my life. I can't make people like me or even love me but I can love myself and my family. If I wanted to be down in the dumps I could say that waiting on MRI results is more than I can handle sometimes and that my family barely make ends meet sometimes. But somehow, that titheing check always gives me faith that God is in control. I guess I need faith since I just heard my doctor shattered his ankle and it may be next week before I know anything. But, regardless of anything going on in my life, I enjoy my blog, my family..ALL OF THEM, good friends, learning more about scrapbooking, techniques, products, meeting new people and just being positive. Tonite is Grey's Anatomy and THAT makes me happy. I enjoy looking into their lives and getting excited about what could happen in an hour episode and I enjoy the people I get to talk to that I've met that enjoy it too. I just needed to say I may seem fairly happy but maybe because I won't let life get me down when it's just so short to begin with. I hope everyone that is reading my blog has a great day and God bless you ALL:)


Renee said...

beautiful post.

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, I hope you have a wonderful time at the concert! i've always thought that that would be such a wonderful concert to go during the holidays!!
Yes, you are so right--Be a positive person! Be happy with yourself! Be happy with your life! Trust God in everything! That's a wonderful attitude to have!!!