Thursday, November 09, 2006


Well, my appointment went well today. Well, meaning I got some information. There are still concerns. My Doc told me that it's still possible I could have had some sort of stroke. He said that sometimes, a stroke may not show up right away on a CAT scan. Sometimes, taking another one a couple days later it will appear. He agreed that things do look suspicious for MS or some sort of stroke and that I needed to be seen. We also talked about what if. If this is something like either of those, then so what? I just move on and it's NOT the end of the world. So, why do I feel so scared? He said that it could always be stess but he doesn't think so. He also gave me some medicine for the panic attacks. I had one right in his office and cried the whole way there. It's just so many emotions; not knowing, thinking about what it could be, stress of other things..
Anyway, he -took care of buisness- and I have a MRI Tuesday. That would show a lot. I also have my regular appointment Dec 6 still with the neurologist and Dec 1st I have another test. (I think a sensory test) I'm glad that I'm finally going to get some answers and put this stress behind me. I just want to enjoy my vacation at DisneyWorld. It's going to be a dream come true..I just need to destress...YESTERDAY!

**UPDATE** Making 2 cards and having a relaxing night. Just watched my favorite Grey's Anatomy which was AUSOME! Also, working on getting ready to do lots of "scrappin'" this weekend, loading some layouts and trying to make a new banner with a picture of mine. Spending the evening with my darling husband, who has been so good to me through this rough time. I also received a beautiful card today from my friend, Becky. Thanks so much. It was so sweet!

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Cammeron said...

Thanks, but that isn't my family! That is my best friend and her family! haha. I just took the pics.