Sunday, November 19, 2006

Better "Latte" than Never...

These pictures wouldn't post before, like last Tuesday I think so I'm posting them again. This is my FIRST cup of coffee and it was so yummy. Pumpkin Spice from Starbucks, of course. I've had some Seattle's Best today and it was just as yummy. I guess I'm hooked:) This one is one of my favorites. Mike says I'm officially a coffee drinker, now that I like regular coffee. I do LOVE it..why didn't I try this a long time ago? It's nice it's another thing we share together:) Anyway I got the coffee, first, after the MRI. Mike treated me:) Afterwards, we went to visit Granny and PaPa and Ellen, their daughter, who takes care of them. We had a ball, and Ellen insisted we eat dinner with her after we helped her move a new tv in her kitchen from her car. Hunter sat really nice at the table, just like a big boy. He's really growing up! He had fun and dinner was delicious. Ellen showed him her doll collection that had some stuffed animal dogs in there also. She is SO talented...she had made alot of her dolls and other ceramic pieces in her home. He watched tv while we were moving stuff around. Then, Daddy read him a book as he sat in his lap. He'd rather read a book than play any day. (But he LOVES to play still:) We both love to read so hope he continues to loves books as much as we do.
I know they're going to enjoy the big tv. It is REALLY neat!!

We stopped by my grandparents so we could drop off something I had picked up for her and they had fun reading to him. Pop was making funnies and Hunter was laughing histerically. He also got to see their Christmas tree, which they keep up all year round in their living room. It's so pretty in there and makes me want to run home and get my decs out!
Anyway, we really had a great time and I KNOW had I gone home, I would have been in tears just with the not knowing. I may still cry but atleast I was surrounded by love just when I needed it:)

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Jane said...

Mmmm, Starbucks red cup them!!!