Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Friday Madness

Well, we spent the night at Best Buy again!! It wasn't nearly as cold as last year but it DID get mighty chilly in the WEE hours of the morn. My hands and feet were a little numb, this time, not because of the recent health concerns either:( But it was worth it..Not sure if we'll do it next year though. They didn't have NEARLY the number of computers as last year and we almost didn't get one. Plus, we got there at 8:45 PM Thanksgiving night and the line was already, all the way back to Value City right next door. We heard the first people showed up around 1 PM!! That's just plain crazy. We look like real dorks sitting out in front so early but we met so many funny people. This is a picture of a couple, who just moved here from Spain. They were really nice to talk to passing the time. We got in the door and got almost everything we planned on. (except a new electric shaver for Mike) I can't believe the prices on some things!! I got a docking station, which is part of my Christmas present from Mike for $39! (regular $99) We also got a 4 pack of tapes for our camcorder for $5. We needed to stock up before leaving for Disney so we got like 3 packs!! Mike got a 19' moniter for our desktop computer and a thumb drive?? I think that's what it's called, plus a new external hard drive and some office stuff. (blank cd's etc) We got a couple DVD's for $2 too!! It was really fun and we got a bunch of stuff on sale. It was worth it, considering we wouldn't have been able to afford alot of it if had to pay full price. Lynn met us up there with her daughter, Miranda. She had already told me what she had wanted so I ran and got her everything...she gets all stressed out about finding stuff, making decisions etc :) After finishing shopping and fighting the lines, we ate breakfast with Kim at Cracker Barrell. It was SO yummy and it was nice to sit down, where it was warm. Picked up Hunter and then we all took a long nap. We moved around the furniture but are hoping to get our tree Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to decorate but what a pain getting everything down!! Just looking forward to finishing my decorating and cleaning before our Holiday dinner next Saturday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Stephanie Jedlicka said...

Oh man! I can never do the Black Friday thing...props to you! :) Glad you got most of everything you wanted!

Anonymous said...

ohhh the hubby and I went to target at 2:45 am - hunting down that darn playstation 3. Doors opened at 6 am - we were number 4 and 5 in line. but they didn't HAVE ANY PLAYSTATIONS. we just turned around and walked out! LOL
Glad you got so many great deals.

Tawnya said...

I did black friday for the first time ever... it was interesting! looks like you had fun! :) good deals!