Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scenic Sedatives..

That's what I got today...some scenic sedatives:) Sounds funny, right? Well, I forgot my medicine for my panic attacks at work:( I had some serious chest pains Friday near the end of the day and was ready to leave. So, Mike, Hunter and I went to Williamsburg today and had such a relaxing afternoon, I didn't need them. (Thank God) We ate at Pierces's Pitt Barbecue, went to Stride Rite Outlet, went paddle boating and then finished our day at the Yankee Candle Store. It was breathtaking, relaxing, romantic and a complete blast for all of us. We were trying to get a couple pairs of shoes for Hunter from the Outlet. We get most of his shoes there since his feet are so wide. They didn't have anything and they were really high in price anyway. We're going to check around at JCPenney's and a couple other places and see..The only thing we got were some tarts and a large candle that was a Christmas gift. It was wonderful there...I can't believe how long we were gone today..Didn't get home until around 6:30. I'm tired. We sat down and finished watching RV, after Hunter went to bed. It was funny! I'll post some more pics later. Blogger wants to be difficult:( Hopefully, tomorrow after church and my errands around here, I can start on a new album. It's a small 8x8 album I'd like to finish for Christmas for my aunt. Her husband died several years ago from Cancer and this will be a Memory album for her. I'm excited to see how it turns out. He was like another Grandfather to me and I think this will be so special for us all. I'll try to post some pics later and might do some changes to my blog:) Have a great night!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. Dana

melissa said...

beautiful photos!! my mom has panic attacks too-I know how scary that can be so dont forget your medicine ;) glad to hear you were able to have a fun relaxing day.