Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Celebration of 10 Years then some Family Fun

Today, I went to a great restaurant with the credit union that I work with because I've been with them for ten years. They have a luncheon for every five years of service for their employees. This is the pin they gave me. I also have a solid gold one with just the credit union symbol I got before . The food was delicious and we were so stuffed when we left! It's nice to work for a company that really rewards us in so many ways. I have a lot of pride in my job and really LOVE what I do. I'm so thankful every day that I'm five minutes from home and my son's daycare. My manager, supervisor and co-workers are like family and we really get along great. I'm very lucky!!
Tonite, Hunter and I worked on his alphabet on the fridge (forgive my flannel pj's)It's hard to believe he just turned two and a half. He's so big. But he's doing good on the alphabet and knows his first numbers to 5. I asked him if he liked to color, sarcastically of course. He sported a big YES with a great big smile. He's so happy and I couldn't wait to play tonite with him.

Well, I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow morning to see if he can get me in with the neurologist earlier. Just a insurance technicality he needs to see me but I'm excited anyway. He's really thorough and hard to see sometimes. I'm still worried sick I might have MS, still having severe numbness, tingling and fatigue and on top of that, I've had horrible panic attacks all week. I try to breathe through them but it's so scary. It's so uncomfortable and the just not knowing is unbearable. Hopefully, I'll have some more answers tomorrow. Please continue to pray for my family. I've just been so stressed that I'm really not myself. I miss the play time with Hunter and Mike. I can't wait to be over this. Sorry to be so down..I just do what I can during the day but at night, I'm exhausted and know I go to bed just to lay there awake. Hoping tonite will be different ...


Jane said...

Great pictures of your son, so cute. Hope you feel better soon and that it is not anything serious.

Jennifer Stewart said...

Your son is so cute. That's awesome he knows so many letter and numbers already. :)

Prayers that God would calm you as you wait for your tests and to feel better.