Saturday, November 11, 2006

Friday night Fun

What an INCREDIBLE Friday night. We went to our favorite Hot Dog Hangout, Hot Dog King. It's definitely one of those hole in wall but great food places to eat. They have the best hot dogs. My mom spent the night with us since my dad was out of town. Hunter had a blast with Grandma too!! She talked me into a foot long AND an order of chili and cheese fries. I guess she doesn't think I eat enough these days. (Total weight loss now 27 pounds:) Hunter was obsessed with the straws. I think he was putting a straw in MY drink for each one of us..He's so silly! He just looked funny sipping out of 1 of his 3 straws:) We went home and watched RV. I love that movie!! NO movie is complete without popcorn so Mike made us all some. It was yummy. Hunter sits nicely and holds his own bowl...He's only two and a half..So why does he look so grown up? Then, we went to brush his teeth. He LOVES brushing his teeth. We help him and he opens up wide and then he can do his own when we're done doing the "real job". Well, the last couple nights, Mike helped him so I can get his bed and bag ready. He got right in the sink to wash his mouth out! I kinda figured he picked this up from Daddy since he does the same thing. (only with his hand and a little more sanitary) I started cracking up!! It's amazing what they pick up. We were all in stitches over that one!! Anyway, he went to bed great and I got an adorable shot of him sleeping. I have lots of those. He just looks so sweet and peaceful. (he also likes to take his clothes off, diaper and all, so we have to check to make sure he is STILL CLOTHED:) He's growing up so fast. Happy ...But sad.....
We had an incredible Friday night, mostly at home, just the way I like it :) Now, off to Williamsburg to get some new shoes, go to the Yankee Candle Factory and enjoy the day together. Hoping to get some great seasonal pictures..Christmas can't get here any soon enough for me!! We've got lots of plans with the festivities of Christmas; including a holiday party at our house with some friends before the Grand Illumination in Williamsburg. I've never been and we can't wait!!


Cindy Lee said...

what a great way to spend a Friday night - with Family! darling pictures, too! Have a great Saturday! God Bless, Cindy Lee

Tawnya said...

sounds like a fabulous friday evening!

we vacationed in williamsburg just this past summer (second time) .. we love it there! great place for families to vacation!