Friday, November 17, 2006

TGIF...Great News

Well, Tran Siberian Orchestra was awesome!! We went with our friends, Rod and Mindy and Tom and Jess. This is us at dinner at Wok & Roll. I can't wait to go next year. It's always the official start to my holiday. Do I really have to wait to put up my tree and decorations? Yes, I will wait until the day after Thanksgiving. I can't wait...because shortly after I'll be going to DISNEY WORLD!! (me and DH's 3rd trip but Hunter Man's 1st) I know I will enjoy it because my MRI came back yesterday NEGATIVE for a mini stroke or MS. I'm so excited. They are still looking at the fact it might be a pinched nerve and maybe something else..But probably anxiety. I'm taking some good meds for that and I've decided to reduce the stress in my life. I know God always takes care of things but it's like I don't trust that. So, now I'm giving everything to him and I know I'll be alright. I'm looking forward to a great Holiday season, no matter what life throws my way. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday because I know I am. Looking forward to doing some cleaning, rakeing leaves, and cropping while Hunter sleeps. Then, maybe some holiday baking and just fun time with the boys:) (I'd like to get some shots of Hunter in the leaf piles if not too wet!!) They're the most important thing to me and I love them so much!!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you've had good nes Jenn. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should have been 'news'!