Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree...

Well, we FINALLY finished our tree. I just love it!! If I DO get an artificial tree for next year, I will SO miss the smell of the real ones!! I finished my wreath last night...and hung it. May need to alter just a little...can't decide. I love this view of my tree with the 4 point star filter on my camera. I got these curtains last year before Christmas and LOVE the way it makes my picture window look so big. I love this room. I love curling up to the fireplace and sitting with my boys...What a great room and probably my favorite!!

This is the outside view I took just this morning. Mike hung our wreaths last night and put the lights out. I'll have to take another picture tonight with my star filter again. It looks so neat!! Does anyone else have one of these Santas? He swings his hips and sings Jingle Bell Rock. :) My son would let it play 24/7 if I let him. He is so funny; Always wants to dance with him playing. He's really cute but a little annoying after a while:) Mike had to run out and get milk so he swung by Starbucks and got us "His and Her Coffees" AND us each a $15 gift card for there for coffee some mornings. He really enjoys that in the morning on the way to work!!
Hunter got up early yesterday morning so I put him in my bed so he could watch his cartoons and he'd be near me. He was so HAPPY being in Mommy's bed:) Last night before we put Hunter to bed, we started our Gingerbread house. It just has to dry so we decided to decorate it tonite. I got the help from my Engineer husband..Good thing...He is VERY precise and did better that I would. Don't you like our cans holding it up:) Hunter looked like he was helping him with the directions. He's showing off another pair of new pj's. He got these last year on clearance after Christmas and is just able to wear them. Have a great day...I know I will, not that I'm done my decorating and can sit back and enjoy:)


Cheryl Wray said...

It all just looks gorgeous! Beautiful tree!
We've never done a gingerbread house, but we decided the other day that we'd be trying one this year!
I've GOT to make a Starbucks run. Everyone keeps talking about them out here in blog world and I'm getting thirsty for a latte!!

Jane said...

Wow, this is just beautiful. Also LOVE the veggie tales nativity set below....didn't know that exsisted, my nieces would LOVE it!!! Love the Christmas Canon music too! Felt very Christmassy today, reading your blog!!

Julie Ann said...

Very pretty tree!